ZB Foundation Charity Gala in Islamabad

A fundraising benefit to target the uncharted medical area of rare metabolic diseases, especially in Northern Pakistan, the event
welcomes celebrity stars, young creatives and industry paragons alike. Held in Islamabad, here are pictures from the ZB Charity Gala. 

The impressive team behind the ZB Foundation. Sarah Gothard, Saima Khan, Dani Wilson Naqvi

Saima, Murtaza Hashwani and Shehzad Khan

Zuhair and Bina Khalid

Saddru Hashwani

Cybil Chowdhry

Asad and Zahraa Saifullah

Assad Saifullah, Masood Afridi, Sehr Amjad, Omar Satti and Zahraa Saifullah

Sehr Amjad

Saima Khan, Cybil, Danielle, Sehr


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