Zayn Malik Says He Could Be an Oscar-winning Actor


Zayn Malik is renowned for his pop songs, but former One Direction star Zayn Malik thinks he is now ready to make waves as an actor.

The singer just shot a mini-film for his new single Let Me and feels as if he is ready to make an acting debut.

Speaking to Manchester radio station Key 103 on Saturday, he said: “I’d be interested in doing some acting. It’s always been something that I liked doing, even when I was growing up. I did a few school performances.”

Zayn admits that “I’m an Oscar-level actor right now” but thinks that with a few classes, “I can learn things and pick it up.”

Could he be inspired by his ex-bandmate Harry Styles, who made a critically-acclaimed acting debut in Dunkirk last year?

“I think my confidence has grown in the last year and a half. Just working on a lot of personal issues with just me, leaving the band and not really knowing what was going on for a while,” Zayn said about his change of heart.

“I was just putting out a record and not really being as prominent as I wanted to be. But this time around I feel like I am more confident and I really believe in what’s going on, so I want to convey that to my fans.”


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