Yasir Hussain’s Upcoming Drama is All About ‘Shaadi’


The talented writer and actor Yasir Hussain after popular hit Lahore Se Aagay has written his first ever script for television drama Shaadi.

As the name suggests, the drama serial is based on shaadi (wedding). The actor explained further that the light-hearted drama revolves around a young boy who is in love a woman of his choice but his mother wants him to get married to the woman of her choice. The struggle between the mother and son may sound typical but according to Yasir it is not all that typical and emotional.

This also marks as the first drama that he has written and is to act is.  Shaadi, directed by Wajahat Rauf, also stars Kubra Khan, Sadia Faisal, Bushra Ansari and Salman Shahid. It will be aired on Eid-ul-Fitr.


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