Why You Should Obsess Over Falsas This Summer

Summer in Pakistan is synonymous with Falsa or Phalsa. Falsa belongs to the berry family and many often mistake it for blueberries though they may belong to the same family, they are not the same. It is used to make juices, syrups or just enjoyed as a snack on its own. The fruit tastes a little acidic and sometimes sweet. It quenches our thirst in this heat, hydrates us, satisfies our craving for something sweet yet salty without making us worry too much about the calories. You can enjoy Falsa no matter what and no matter how you like to have it! 

Here are some delicious ways to enjoy the seasonal fruit!

1. Falsa Juice:

Falsa is a good source of Vitamin-C and is full of antioxidants. You can make some fresh juice with some black salt which is possibly the most refreshing drink you can have in the summer, of course, water doesn’t count! If you want to get creative, you can elevate the juice by mixing it with some fresh apple and beetroot juice. Other fruits that can be combined with Falsa (depending on your taste palette) are pears, watermelon and orange.

2. Falsa With Black Salt:

The best way to enjoy the tangy yet nutritious snack is by sprinkling some black salt on it and eating it raw, or sprinkling it on top of your summer salad.

3. Falsa Sorbet:

With the sweltering heat, a thirst-quenching treat is surely Falsa sorbet – and we have to say, this one is one of our favourites! It’s refreshing and the perfect remedy for getting rid of a heatstroke!


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