What Are Men Trying To Prove by Wearing Black to the Golden Globes?


It is remarkable how the #MeToo campaign has done more than create necessary conversation – it has started a movement on its own. 

Usually ahead of the Golden Globes, women from the fashion and film fraternity would be clamoring to find a suitable dress for the red carpet Instead, many are planning to sport basic black to Sunday’s gala — a sartorial protest over sexual harassment.

Jessica Chastain, Meryl Streep and Emma Stone are leading the actresses taking a stand against the avalanche of misconduct allegations that have felled Harvey Weinstein and numerous other Tinseltown A-listers.

Moreover, male stars including Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson — who say they, too, will turn out in black in a gesture of solidarity — has raised a few questions.

“Don’t most men who attend the Globes come cloaked in either all-black or mostly black, with a black suit and black shoes and a black tie, anyway?” asked New York-based millennial-focused news site Mic.

“Haven’t men who have already stood at odds with women in Hollywood speaking out, like Matt Damon for instance, shown up to the Globes in black?”

It is true that while outliers like Johnson himself, Donald Glover and Alan Cumming are sometimes partial to burgundy velvet, a glittery jacket or even a skin-tone suit, the vast majority of men turn up in regulation tuxedos.

The stylists who say their male clients will tone it down in support of the so-called “blacklash” include Ilaria Urbinati, who is dressing Johnson, along with Armie Hammer, Liev Schreiber, Tom Hiddleston and others. “Haven’t men who have already stood at odds with women in Hollywood speaking out, like Matt Damon for instance, shown up to the Globes in black?”

“Because everyone keeps asking me… Yes, the men will be standing in solidarity with women on this wearing-all-black movement to protest against gender inequality at this year’s Golden Globes,” she posted on Instagram.

“At least all my guys will be. Safe to say this may not be the right time to choose to be the odd man out here… just sayin.”

Urbinati told GQ magazine she wanted to ensure the protest didn’t become a “women vs men and vice-versa thing” but that both sexes should put up a “united front.”

Johnson instantly expressed his endless support and said, “Yes we will” — but not all Urbinati’s 90,000 followers were convinced.

“How will the men find black suits and tuxes to wear tho?” one asked dryly, while others suggested a multicolored display of sartorial support with men going for pinks, reds, yellows or greens rather than plain old black.

Some commentators have suggested that the more conservatively-minded men wishing to show support could adopt a pin or ribbon.

New York-based stylist Michael Fisher, who dresses Hugh Jackman and Sam Rockwell, says his clients are going to wear dark suits with “black pocket squares” to support the cause.

“It’s going to be an inevitable thing out of solidarity. I think the majority of men are going to go safe in a black suit with a white shirt so no one’s going to look the odd man out,” he told weekly trade magazine Variety.

“I’m so inspired by men wearing black to the Golden Globes, an event to which they’d normally wear black tuxedos,” tweeted an acerbic Erin Gloria Ryan, a writer for The Daily Beast.

“It’s part of the storied man tradition of making the least possible effort but expecting credit anyway.”



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