Veet Academy Supports Young Ambitious Women

Veet, the brand aims across women of all ages is known for feminine campaigns and programs. The brand understands that beautiful does not stem from physical attributes but the all rounded personality of an individual. Beauty is what’s inside, reflected outside in the best of ways. Therefore, Veet recently introduced its grooming institute called Veet Academy that enables girls to cherish their feminity and helps transform them into successful, passionate and confident individuals, through online courses.

These courses revolve around five Veet values led by five celebrity experts. The celebrities, who are living examples of each of these values include, Sarwat Gilani for Confidence Building, Aamina Sheikh for Intelligent Behaviour, Hareem Farooq for Health and Fitness, Sidra Iqbal for Effective Communication and Masarrat Misbah for Charm.

The poised Sarwat Gilani,begins the Veet Academy modules by conducting a thorough course on confidence building through digital videos. Through the course, we also discover Gilani’s other passion; her love for interior designing. Linking confidence building to interior designing in interesting ways. Sarwat therefore believes that colors, patterns and other elements around you can also affect your mood and boost your confidence.

The course also lays emphasis upon the sphere of self-worth that enables the audience to understand the importance of discovering self-awareness and self-acceptance. Through the online program, Sarwat is inspiring young women by teaching them how to embrace their lives and making the most of each situation. Hence, the course is a blend of her wisdom and experiences, being imparted towards a younger audience with the hope that it will mould them into a confident being.The underlining message is that once you learn to love and accept yourself, you’re headed towards the right track.

To know the rest of her tips, take the course! Watch all the videos here


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