Urbansole Presents Memory Foam Technology In All New Eid Collection

The only concern one thinks of when buying a new pair of shoe is comfort but what is even better is having memory foam on your shoe sole. Imagine those long walks in the park, or a quick run to the grocery or even going for a casual night out. Comfort is key and that will always come first to many.

No one does comfort better than Urbansole. They are known for their comfortable shoes and has been using the memory foam technology in a few of their previous pairs and now in their new collection. There are many positive reasons to this technology which also includes health benefits. For example, it redistributes body weight; provides support to your neck, back, shoulders, knees, and legs; and it also improves blood circulation. What is better than having comfortable and fashionable footwear in one?

The shoe has double density sole which is light weight that provides extra cushioning. It also relieves pressure points while you walk. The durability is another factor one cannot miss. Calling all men, what are you waiting for head to your nearest store and pick up your pair of sandals today.


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