Today Is Pakistan’s National Women’s Day: Commemorating 12 February, 1983

On this day, in 1983, around 400 women activists took a stand for all the women of Pakistan. They gathered at Regal Chowk Lahore to protest against the proposed Law of Evidence.

These courageous women defied the military dictatorship of the day by taking out a public demonstration in Lahore, despite martial law regulations that outlawed political activities, processions and public protests. These brave women carried out a rally from Hall Road Lahore to the Lahore High Court to file a petition against the Law of Evidence which would reduce the testimony of women to half that of men. Since 1981, Women’s Action Forum has consistently fought to protect and promote women’s rights and human rights for all.

This date was a watershed in the history of women’s rights in Pakistan. We commemorate 12 February, 1983 to mark the commitment and bravery of all those women who have stood up for women’s empowerment in Pakistan.



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