This Video of Ali Azmat Singing ‘Jazba Junoon’ With His Daughter is The Best Thing You Will See All day

Yesterday Pakistan’s cricket team made history by winning the ICC Championship for the first time. Our joy was intensified not only because we became champions of the league but we beat our arch rivals, India. It was a moment in which Pakistanis across the globe had their heads up in pride and were bursting with excitement.

Brimming with happiness celebrities on both sides of the border took to social media to express their appreciation and love for the Pakistani cricket team. Ali Azmat was one of them and his endearing message touched our hearts! He shared a video of himself singing the nostalgic Jazba Junoon, with his daughter which was Pakistan’s go-to cricket anthem – talk about a major throwback! At the end of the video his daughter with Ali ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ with him and it is the cutest thing you will see all day!

Heart touching and heartwarming, a victory well deserved and celebrated.


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