This Ramadan Make a Difference By Caring For Others With Surf Excel

While most of our Ramadan is spent obsessing over what delights to devour, we often forget that there is more to this month than fasting, feasting and praying. Surf Excel has come up with a heartwarming campaign promoting humane and charitable acts that serve as a timely reminder of what the holy month is really about. As the name of the campaign suggests, #NekiEkIbadat, depicts an ad that so easily endears the heart and invokes feelings that hit straight home.

In the video, a young adorable boy wakes up for sehri realising that his neighbour may not be awake, therefore he runs to his neighbour’s house in order to check up on him. Instead of focusing on his own well being, he is more concerned with the sehri of his neighbour. This selfless act shows exactly how your character should be during the holy month of Ramadan. It highlights the spirit of togetherness, charity, patience, tolerance and kindness – something we as a society, seem to have long forgotten.

Completely moved by the video, the campaign continues its attempts to aid the charities KRT (Karachi Relief Trust) and Akhuwat by running a clothing drive meant to give assistance to all ages. In order to participate in the drive one is required to give a missed call on 90131 after which they will call you back, asking the mode of donation, which can either be to get your clothes picked up by M&P, or to drop your clothes at your nearest M&P (ocs) outlet. You can find your closest M&P here. This initiative encapsulates the true essence of what Ramadan stands for, the month of giving.

After they have collected the donation, the Surf Excel team will wash, clean and pack the clothes and distribute it to the people in need. A wonderful concept that allows one to give in the easiest and most convenient of ways possible.

It is after all the little acts of kindness that matter. As a nation during this month we must unite and look after the less privileged members of our society not just as our rightful duty but as being human.


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