A Sweet Affair With Karachi-Based Cookie’s Brownies

It was in September 2019 when Asma Afzal Mirajkar and her family took a leap of faith and started a new home-based venture in Karachi— Cookie’s Brownies. They’re mouth-watering brownies are definitely a must-try! 

Asma the owner of Cookie’s Brownies gave us a little insight on her family owned business based in the comfort of her home in Karachi. She said, ‘Cookie’s Brownies does not feel like a business to us, it is truly a part of us. I have had a passion for baking for as long as I can possibly remember. My family nickname has been Cookie which my dad started back in 2002 and that’s how the name ‘Cookie’s Brownies’ came into being. The commercial aspect started with us supplying our brownies and plain cakes to Pakistan’s Vending Machine Company’.

Now with Eid coming up these delicious goodies make for the perfect giveaways! They even have special Eid deals you can pick from:

Their togetherness and immense support for each other is the reason for them standing where they are today.

Everything that is brought forward to you by team Cookie’s Brownies, from the baking aspect, packaging,  and to the Instagram/ Facebook feed, is done solely by the team and is the result of their tireless hard work, passion, and dedication.

‘A huge shout out to our phenomenal customers who motivate us to do better every day. Thank you for the love and support to all those who believe in us’.

They have a wide range of flavours amongst which Lotus, Nutella and Nutty Chocolate are their bestsellers. They always bake on the same day they need to dispatch their orders to ensure premium service, freshness, and quality, time and time again. Every batch is baked and packed with lots of love.

Cookie’s Brownies will be celebrating its first birthday on the 15 September, 2020 with countless surprises for its brownie lovers.


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