‘Stop Child Abuse’- A Conference Hosted By Catwalk Cares

‘Stop Child Abuse’- a conference that took place over the weekend in Karachi to raise awareness and shed light on the myriad types of abuse against children. Many other relevant topics were also highlighted during the conference. A diverse assembly of recognized and prominent speakers were present to address these core issues.

Rabiya Javeri Agha graced the event as chief guest. Relevant topics were highlighted during the conference which included physical, mental and emotional violence against children; child sexual abuse, child prostitution and trafficking, child pornography/cyber crime; child labour; child domestic violence; child marriage, bullying and corporal punishment at schools among other related topics. The conference included pertinent discussions and presentations related to the aforementioned topics and themes that were then followed by a Q&A session. A diverse assembly of recognized and prominent speakers addressed these core issues. Speakers included Manizeh Bano (Executive Director of Sahil), Sheena Hadi (Ahung Foundation) Senator Javed Jabbar and barrister, human rights lawyer, activist Hassan Niazi, singer and educationalist Shehzad Roy. In addition, proactive children’s rights advocates at the conference also offered panel conversations which include film and TV actors Sheheryar Munawar, Ahsan Khan, Zhalay Sarhadi and Sarwat Gilani actor-director Angeline Malik, actor-producer Adnan Malik, Rana Asif Habib (President Initiator Human Development Foundation), and Shaniera Akram (The Akram Foundation @ National institute of Child Health) Frieha Altaf, CEO at Catwalk & Catwalk Cares is taking the initiative of creating a platform to elucidate, educate and find solutions to deal with issues of childhood abuse and help survivors of childhood sexual abuse speak up. Says Frieha Altaf: ‘As CEO of Catwalk Cares, I am committed to creating a public platform where one can openly speak about all types of childhood abuse in order to raise awareness; create public commitment; prevent cases of childhood abuse transpiring and to hopefully one day eradicate this rampant epidemic which is threatening the future of our children’.



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