Recipe Of The Day: Steak with Rocket Leaves & Cherry Tomatoes

Islamabad’s new Café Aylanto shares its recipe for the flawless steak:

Café Aylanto’s exclusive marinating technique:
• Garlic 2 tbsp
• Salt 2 tbsp
• Black pepper crushed 2 tbsp
• White pepper powder 1 tbsp
• Worcester sauce (imp) 1.5 cup
• Worcester sauce (local) 3 tbsp
• Sage dry 1 tbsp
• Cooking oil 2 cups
• Extra virgin olive oil 1.5 cups
• Beef steak 2 kg

• Finely chop the garlic and mix all ingredients in one big mixing bowl. Then mix with beef steaks and refrigerate for two hours before cooking for good results.

Steak with Rocket and Cherry Tomatoes
• Beef fillet 220 gm
• Extra virgin olive oil 50 ml
• Rocket leaves 15 gm
• Cherry tomatoes 25 mg
• Garlic 20 mg
• Sea salt 03 mg
• Crushed black pepper 60 gm
• Timbale with vegetables of your choice.
• Marinate the steak with the above mentioned recipe
• Grill it evenly on both sides and let it rest for 30 seconds
• Then preheat the oven to 320 degrees and let the steak cook till ready, according to your preference.
• Add extra virgin olive oil in the pan then follow by incorporating sea salt, onions and garlic, stirring them continuously.
• Lastly add cherry tomatoes and rocket leaves for the garnish.


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