Slice Is All You Need To Quench Your Summer Thirst


Cold juices and fresh fruits are what we await when the summer is around the corner with mangoes being the most wanted fruit. Albeit, our love affair with mangoes is passionate and real, it is short. However, fret no more, Slice is here to shake things up and let us celebrate mango-fever all year round! Now doesn’t that sound exciting and might we add delicious?

Slice introduces the season of vibrancy and festivities just right by introducing the season as one colourful and flavourful  one and of course with a whole lot of love!

Slice has come up with its own demonstration of pure pleasure keeping in mind the heat and tastes of children and adults alike! Set against the majestic landscape of Pakistan, Slice introduces the beautiful Alizeh Gabol and Shazia Naz as brand ambassadors that paint a beautiful picture of spring in Pakistan with all its glory. The brand is sure to take the juice markets by storm!

Slice which is delicious also ensures to keep you cool and protect you from the intense heat of the sun in the summers – the sugar keeps you hydrated while tasting absolutely divine!

So go grab yourself a pack and enjoy the colorful season!



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