Sharing The Laughs: A Night of Comedy and Charity

Laughing all night for a charitable cause seems like the perfect thing to do on a Saturday night. FM89 hosted a Smile till Sehri night, in which 24 of the most talented comedians came together to bring about a laugh in the audience. The whole six hours totalled to Rs 3000, with each three hour shift being Rs 1500. Well known names such as Ali Gul Pir, Danish Ali, Faiza Saleem, JD, Akbar Chaudhary, Khawatoons and LOL Waalay did indeed bring a smile upon everyone’s faces till Sehri.

However, some of the lesser known performers surprised everyone with their substantial humour.

All funds raised by this event were donated to the Edhi foundation, which is a foundation that is dedicated to being a non-profit social welfare organisation.

The show withstood its livelihood from beginning to end; which is not easy considering the show was six hours long. The show was also applauded by international comedians for the brilliance of cause and performers. All in all it was a night to remember, and raised funds for those who will certainly not forget.


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