Shamaeel Ansari To Showcase Collection ‘The Symposium of Queens’ In London Next Week

For three decades, Shamaeel Ansari is among those designers who continue to forge South Asian fashion’s esprit de corp. Shamaeel, will be taking a colossal 50 piece collection to London and will be showcasing it at the iconic Savile Club in Mayfair on October 5. 

The Symposium of Queens is a solo show. The point of difference in Shamaeel’s brand is not just showing outfits, it is about bringing in the element of individuality that the brand proclaims. Each piece is sartorial, has its own story; depths of layers not just in colors, silhouettes and craft but a third-dimensional depth.

Shamaeel says her inspiration comes from being different in her craft style and is inspired by women of courage. Being in the industry for 34 years and as one of Pakistan’s pioneer designer, she chooses to get inspired through learning. “If I read the history of a personality it inspires me into colours. The courage of the queens inspires me into creating a completely different look. I place narratives in my show so people can learn and feel how I inspire myself. I drape mannequins for close looks so people can pay attention to eye of detail.”

“Fashion is dynamic…never stick to the same menu. The brand Shamaeel Ansari is a feel inside out, I choose to pass on the knowledge of inspiration.”
The show will include a sit-down dinner, with models walking past the guests, so they will be able to see the outfits up-close. 

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