Scandal Report Untrue: Ali Zafar’s Legal Counsel Deny Patari Involvement


According to news in a new article, an older article that was published on the website of a leading daily titled ‘Evidence emerges that Ali Zafar and Patari worked to undermine Faris Shafi’s latest track’, has been declared ‘absolutely false and misleading’ by Ali Zafar’s lawyers.

According to his legal counsel, the rock star did not at anytime speak or reach out to the renowned music platform, Patari for any kind of forced placement of his music for his film as suggested by the article. The ‘leaked’ screenshot is in fact a conversation that took place from employee to employee.  The statement clarifies that the employee, in question had neither spoken to Zafar, nor his communications team, nor his management team —all of whom represent Zafar officially. The Patari employee had only been in communication with the independent music license company responsible for the Teefa in Trouble music distribution in Pakistan.

According to Patari’s co founder Faisal Sherjan: ‘The screenshot leaked to the newspaper is reflective of an internal conversation between Patari employees and not a conversation between Zafar’s team members or Zafar and Patari as is being discussed. Nobody from Patari spoke to Zafar directly or indirectly for any kind of forced placement of his music for his film as suggested by the newspaper’s story. This is a false narrative.”

With leading newspapers reporting different information, the case still continues.

In an blog post report by Hello!  — this publication referred to the original piece in which the leaked screenshot and its repercussions were summarised. It still seems unclear as to what can be considered right or wrong. Only time and research will tell.


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