Sameer Karasu Brings The Element Of Mystique With An Intense And Bold Collection!


Sameer Karasu has been the talk of the town with his raving new collection Nocturnity that uses the seamless fusion of high fashion along with the untainted wonder of witchcraft. Having a completely distinct approach towards fashion, Sameer has always been against mass production and considers fashion as a form of art and beauty. To him each outfit that a person wears is like a painting or an arrangement of art that you carry on your body. Every garment that has been crafted by him aims to reflect human emotions and depicts how the variation in different sentiments tends to change with time. This collection is more like a canvas that studies different stimuli to which humans react and then tend to seek out what trigger certain emotions thorough the beauty of clothes.

Taking a breathtaking approach towards fashion this collection is simply astounding and uses elements of spirituality, Greek mythology and witchcraft to bring the clothes to life. Using a beautiful blend of assorted figures, cyphers and attires momentous to the enchantresses from the 17th centaury in Europe, through Nocturnity a striking semantic of fashion comes to existence. Every garment in the collection is woven with a display of entrancing spells and every detail emphasized throughout carries the power of historic manuscripts evident on the fabric. Blending the ideas of masculine and feminine into one, this collection uses the flair of drama and mysteriousness to create a knack of emotions thus giving a magical experience.

Sameer Karasu crafted this collection and his studio to provide a sanctuary to people who are looking for something new and different. Bringing back the power of shoulder pads, this collection emphasizes the element of influence and creates the aura of authority through the garments. Keeping the foundations of paganism and witchery intact the silhouettes used in the collection are structured, bold and fresh. Depicting the command in dark shades this collection is a mix of dark hues that plays along with gloomy blacks, deep purples, profound plums and bold colors. With a perfect balance of visuals, this collection is a sublime display of human emotions that elicit happiness, sadness, lust, sexuality and other human drive.

Nocturnity truly is a mystical experience that can be lived through couture to give you a whole range of human sensations and values. Keeping elements of witchery and paganism well suffused in the clothes, this is a collection that surpasses the bounds of everyday couture on every level. will be open to the public for online shopping starting November the 15th, 2018.



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