Saira Haque Ali’s Ultimate All-Girls’ Farewell Party in Italy’s Fashion Capital Milan

Saira Haque Ali’s ultimate all-girls’ farewell party in Milan with all her favourite ladies, just before moving from London to Toronto!

Saira Haque Ali and her friends had a fabulous holiday in Italy recently when they decided to jet from London to Milan for an all-girls’ marathon of sightseeing and eating out! ‘We ate at six venues in 48 hours,’ said Saira excitedly to Hello! Milan in Italy’s northern Lombardy region is a city famed for high couture, fashion and design; its glorious historic architecture seen in iconic structures such as the Milan Cathedral or the Duomo di Milano; its stunning art and fabulous restaurants. ‘Fashion, food and art, what more could I ask for on a weekend away with my nearest and dearest!’ said Saira after her glamour filled sojourn to Milan, a city where you can stride out in style. Vacation goals anyone?

[masterslider id="57"] [caption id="attachment_19779" align="aligncenter" width="576"] Saira in front of Duomo Di Milano or Milan Cathedral at the Piazza del Duomo sporting a red jacket by Stella McCartney[/caption] [caption id="attachment_19780" align="aligncenter" width="576"] In front of Duomo Di Milano or Milan Cathedral at the Piazza del Duomo[/caption]

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