Ah yes if it weren’t for Twitter where would we get our daily dispositions from, a cyber-platform where you express your thoughts (whatever they may be) in 140 characters, pretty convenient right? This in turn provides the world with bizarre hashtag trends that leave us choking with laughter and amusement. The latest trending hashtag is not only innovative but the perfect distortion of pop culture series is bound to make you hysterical.

This guy just subtly declared his plans on mass murder


The person has a true gift for puns


This beautiful 70’s-2016 hybrid


At least Tyrion won’t feel insecure anymore


This unusual combination


Mathew Mc Conaughey wont be pleased


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Currently studying as an AS level student at Froebel's International School. I find solace by immersing myself in any form of self expression be it prose or photography. Also a humorist who borders on sardonic but I still manage to root myself in the cluster that the world is.

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