Republic of Kenya Appoints its Honorary Consul General for Punjab, Dr Faisal Khokhar


Executive Director Remington Group of Companies, Dr Faisal Khokhar has been appointed Honorary Consul General of Kenya. Remington Group of Companies possesses a diverse business interest in healthcare, education, real estate and private equity. Dr Faisal Khokhar is a Sloan Masters from London Business School and also holds doctorate in business management from Manchester Business School UK.

As a seasoned business leader and strategist with global capability, Dr Faisal Khokhar has supported businesses in established and emerging markets and designed and delivered consistent results in the areas of business excellence. In addition to the corporate responsibilities, Dr Faisal Khokhar is part of the leadership of various business associations, chambers and forums. He is also a Visiting Professor at Stockholm School of Economics, Former Visiting Professor LUMS and Former Director Management Studies Department at GCU Lahore. Dr Faisal Khokhar is a founder and board member of a non-profit charity, Dr Shahina Qadeer Foundation, named after his mother. The foundation works with government to improve health and education facilities for the disenfranchised in Pakistan.

Recognising the outstanding leadership contribution of Dr Faisal Khokhar in business and society, H.E. Prof. Julius Kibet Bitok, High Commissioner Republic of Kenya announced the appointment to further strengthen the relations between Pakistan and Kenya. Under the stewardship of Dr Faisal Khokhar, the two countries shall develop mutually beneficial diplomatic, commercial, economic, cultural, technical and tourism relations. Pakistan and Kenya share strong bilateral relations since Pakistan supported Kenya’s independence from British Rule in 1960s. Pakistan launched ‘Look to Africa’ initiative in November 2017 and a Joint Ministerial Committee was formed to increase trade and economic cooperation between Pakistan and Kenya. Kenya is the gateway to larger African market with huge demand of Pakistani goods. Both countries have recently agreed to form a Joint Trade Committee which would hold biyearly meetings to increase bilateral trade to $1.25 billion within next five years. The cultural ties shall also be transformed to bring the two business communities closer. Dr Faisal Khokhar’s esteemed reputation in the Pakistani business community shall play a pivotal role to enhance private sector’s business-to-business partnership interest in exploring new international markets to ensure sustained economic growth.

Dr Faisal Khokhar believes that: “This appointment will deepen our knowledge and understanding of relations of Kenya and Pakistan and play as a bridge for the development of friendly relationship and cooperation between Kenya and Pakistan”. An ardent supporter of public diplomacy in global context, building a positive soft image of Pakistan is high on Dr Faisal Khokhar’s agenda. He yearns Pakistan to become an increasingly relevant player within international fora and global coalitions by sustaining and increasing its relevance regionally and globally. “It is essential to transform our image as a responsible, progressive, moderate, modern, democratic and economically buoyant Muslim state. For these objectives, diplomacy has a key role to play”. Dr Faisal Khokhar is not only making waves in business domain but also committed to project the soft image of Pakistan so we can hold our head high in terms of diplomacy as well.


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