Pepsi, Cricket, Music – The Choice of Every Generation!

Pepsi, Cricket, Music – The Choice of Every Generation!

rus citas en linea her latest blog go to website go to website Pepsi takes everyone down memory lane with its latest TVC, reminding us all of a happier Pakistan.

The television commercial unfolds with the heartthrob Fawad Khan spotting a can from the 60’s in a carefully placed Pepsi chiller and with one sip, he is taken back to the good ol’ days. Reminiscent of the 70’s, where he finds himself amidst vintage cars and beautiful Pepsi billboards – a blast from the past! He is later joined by Zoheb Hassan on the dance floor, grooving to the beat of the 80’s! While they dance the evening away, they are transported to the ’92 World Cup where we see a Vital Signs poster and of course, Wasim Akram. As he goes to grab the next can he is greeted with Reema Khan who hands over the next can of the 2000s! Conclusively, things take an unexpected turn and Fawad finds himself approached by none other than the winners of Pepsi Battle of the Bands. This time Fawad himself passes the can onto the next generation of rockstars – Kashmir the band as they get ready for a grand concert! Through the years, one thing remains constant – a can of Pepsi!

After viewing the advertisement one feels nostalgic of all the good times that Pepsi has associated itself with. Being a star-studded commercial, this one reminds us that through the years Pepsi has arguably produced the greatest ads in the industry. The refreshing scenes and soulful music take us back to the happy times, and we see familiar faces that have been etched in our brains through the years. Pepsi also serves as a reminder that through the good and bad times, through the changes we can always bank on a can of Pepsi to bring us together and remind us of all the good times we shared together as a nation.

And as if that wasn’t enough, we see Fawad Khan attempting to moonwalk and we get to hear the familiar jingle which will get you singing along – Ooee ooee! The seamless transition between the past, TVCs and the present one makes this ad a treat for all the viewers. So, go grab yourself a retro can and relive the best moments!

One thing is for sure- Pepsi is forever!

Watch the TVC here:


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