Paramount Fine Foods Set To Open in Pakistan

Canada-based Middle Eastern cuisine franchise, Paramount Fine Foods, has announced that it is entering the Pakistani market. Having first opened in Mississauga, Canada, Paramount Fine Foods has proved to be successful, opening up numerous branches across Canada, the US and Lebanon. Embracing flavours of the Middle Eastern Cuisine, the franchise is set to open in Karachi. 

A press statement read that a memorandum of understanding was signed between Pakistan Beverage Limited (PBL) and Paramount Fine Foods. CEO and Managing Director of PBL, Yasin H. Kassam along with CEO of Paramount Fine Foods, Saad Saleem signed the agreement for supply of carbonated and non-carbonated beverages to Paramount Fine Foods in Pakistan.

Set up 17 years ago in Canada, by Leba­nese immigrant Mohammad Fakih, Paramount currently has 36 locations across Canada and plans to add another 60 restaurants around the world by the year end. He believes that Pakistanis now have more exposure and have developed a taste of Middle Easter dining due to their frequent visits to Dubai and are ready for something authentic as it is delicious!


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