Pakistani model Saheefa Khattak Faces Criticism For Her New Haircut

Model Saheefa Jabbar Khattak was lauded at Pakistan Sunsilk Fashion Week 2017 for her bold haircut. However, due to this pixie style, people have criticised her and surely this is not the first time a female public figure has faced backlash due to her choices. 

Saheefa was emotionally disturbed after reading the comments shared on her recent photo-shoot and took to a public platform, Facebook, to express her sentiments. She went on top speak about people’s ‘double standards’ on how people pretend to promote women empowerment, but in reality, they don’t think twice before publically shaming a woman.

“We talk about woman rights and freedom of whatever she wants for her and here in the comments section, people are saying things which should never be said.”

She later followed it by a live Facebook video where she can be seen lashing at the haters.

“We need to teach them that commenting on one’s way of dressing, living and eating isn’t our mission. We are moving towards a huge downfall and we need to lift ourselves as a nation first, instead of calling one names online.”

She also drew comparisons to the late model Qandeel Baloch, “You are provoking others by making such comments.”

She shared how she was asked to leave female bathrooms for looking like a boy and about how she was harassed by traffic police constables for her hair. Referring to these events she said, “I can’t even drive safely on the roads now.”

She added,

“I live on my own and I’m better than all the women calling me names because I’m educated, I earn well and I can provide for my kids and family in the future while these women will only complete their Matriculation and then get married.”

Conclusively she exclaimed, “I’m not going to upload more statuses because you all are stuck with the choice of my haircut and can’t think beyond this while I am more than what you see.”


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