These Pakistani Celebrities Signed The Petition: You Should Too

A joint venture between UN Women Pakistan and Ali Xeeshan Theater Studio, presents the ‘Bridal Uniform’; a campaign to put an end to child marriages. It highlights the plight of young girls who are deprived off their basic rights of education and are expected to get married. Following a young girl’s walk for designer powerhouse Ali Xeeshan at the Pantene Bridal Couture Week , a petition to raise voice and put an end to child marriages has begun. It has managed to get over 500 signatures, and Pakistani celebrities join hands with UN Women Pakistan, you should too!

The petition reads: “The Child Marriage Restraint Act (Amendment), that asks to raise the legal age of marriage from 16 to 18 is being discussed and will be voted upon by the Senate. Sign the petition to generate greater momentum of public support for its passage both at the Senate and eventually at the National Assembly”.



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