Pakistan To Ban Bollywood Films Across The Nation

Pakistan Film Producers Association fights for entirely banning Indian movies across the country. PFPA has taken this step into consideration yet once again in hope that this time their voice would be heard. With India banning Pakistani movies, what is our government’s reason not to? Pakistan’s sweet heart Mahira Khan was seen on-screen taking the spotlight with everyone’s favourite Shah Rukh Khan together in their Bollywood film Raees, which was to everyone’s dismay banned here in Pakistan.

Even though Bollywood movies do help the local stakeholders with a huge amount of revenue, banning Indian films will make their business go bankrupt and then investors will not be interested. One of the many reasons for not banning Indian movies will uplift the local cinema owners to continue playing Indian movies first rather than the local made ones but this cannot be a reason to hold them back.

This matter has been taken to Imran Khan, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, by the PFPA who wrote him a letter to help come forward with their decision. A petition to ban Indian films has been sent to Lahore High Court.

Members of the PFPA believe that the local film industry lacks intensity because they are crushed by the release of Indian films instead. Indian films shown across Pakistan has been the biggest reason why the local film industry hit rock bottom.



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