Oh-So Tuc at Hum Style Awards

Taking over one event at a time, when the glamorous Hum Style Awards took place we noticed how there was only one word going around so we decided to see what brought about the hype. From owning the final look to serving delicious tuctizers decked with flavour and offering a majestic, one of a kind space that brought about some tuctastic clicks and made for some great memories. Still wondering what it could be? Let us fill you right in.  

The flashiest event of the month was highlighted by Tuc and their smart and fun integrations. We’re thinking of all the delectable tuctizers we had and couldn’t stop munching on, specially the Nutella one which was the perfect blend with Tuc’s crisp and salty texture. In addition, to make sure everyone’s glam game was on point we spotted Tuc Mirrors with the brightly lit bulbs on the frame that got everyone snapping some mirror selfies to make sure all in check. One thing we couldn’t stop obsessing over was the creatively crafted spot for the ultimate fun and diva status pictures, yes, we’re talking about the Tuc Infinity Booth. The infinity mirror like booth covered everyone’s look and gave it that extra spark with the warmly lit boxes placed inside. You need to check the gram if you haven’t already to see what we’re talking about!

This wasn’t it, we saw some on-stage integration during the award show where the title for the tuctastic look of the night was bestowed upon none other than our favorite gorg girl, Ayesha Omer. She looked oh-so-Tuc as she once again happened to be a head turner. Celebrities, attendees everyone was in queue for both the Tuc Infinity Booth and Tuc Mirrors and we enjoyed the results and may have popped over for some clicks ourselves, #guilty and proud!

We have high expectations from Tuc now and can’t wait to see more fun and exciting things in the future or maybe something is cooking already!




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