Noor Bukhari and Wali Hamid Ali Khan To File For Divorce


Pakistani model Noor Bukhari and singer Wali Hamid Ali Khan have decided to call it quits after three years. The estranged couple is expected to appear in court in Lahore on Wednesday. Noor and Wali had been granted a ‘relaxation period’ by their lawyers until September 20 in case they wanted to revoke their decision to divorce but, things have only become worse since then. 

The couple tied the knot after falling in love on the sets of Wali’s debut film Ishq Positive.

According to reports, Wali – who is the son of Ustad Hamid Ali Khan  had to fight for the marriage as his family did not approve of Noor. Apparently, he has been willing to try and work through their issues even after the latter filed for divorce. Whereas, Noor has been adamant about her decision and gone as far as to accuse Wali of torture.

The news of their decision to part ways has caused all sorts of speculations – rumour has it that the actual reason behind the divorce is that Noor only married Wali for monetary gains and used to use this for her own benefit. Eventually, when he decided to cut the funding, she opted for divorce.


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