Myrah Qadeer Khan Talks To HELLO!

HELLO! sat down and had a quick chat with the dynamic Myrah Qadeer Khan who not only is an influencer, TV host, and journalist but also an educationist. Talk about beauty with brains. 

Tell us about yourself; your education, upbringing, where you grew up, and went to college?

I did my MS in Media Studies and BSc in International Development & Economics from University of London External Prog. I belong to a Khan family but the upbringing and brought up was done in Islamabad where I live.

How did you get to where you are today? Were they any struggles you had to overcome?

It’s not easy to be where you want to see yourself, however, seeing myself close to where I want to be brings immense joy and keeps me grounded. There is a power up there supporting me – and makes me feel what a wonder woman I have been in situations and circumstances, when I think and analyze later I do believe now woman is the most powerful creature, she brings so much flexibility. I would not call them struggles just bumpy roads I had to take because they were meant to be, but these too played an important role in my journey so far.

You are an influencer, TV host, journalist, and educationist. How do you juggle your time between them all?

Ah that’s the most asked question – I think it’s all about planning and organising- I am a very organised and self-critiqued person. I plan my day according to time allotment which I strictly follow- this keeps me sane and keeps me away from having panic attacks and anxiety.

You’re currently working on a drama, how did you get noticed?

I regret to say that I couldn’t take the project due to some personal priorities once I settle them definitely I would love to take further offers if the subject is relevant and meaningful and substantial- but I’m not really interested at the moment there are few things I want to settle on high priority.
I was noticed through social media and friends acquaintances from the industry got me in touch.

What’s the biggest challenge you had to face?

The biggest challenge is to make closer ones understand- all their misunderstandings and misgivings is the biggest challenge to face (haha).

How would you describe your fashion sense?

Depends totally on my mood. Could be eastern or western, from black to white to pastel colours. I don’t like too much prints and different tone dressings- I like one tone more.

What motivates you to stay healthy and fit?

I belief it’s very important to stay healthy and fit it brings a lot of confidence, it adds on to your personality, the way you look as well, overall it’s healthy. Honestly, I’m a very conscious person when it comes to my diet because we don’t notice but it influences your day to day functions a lot.

What makes you stay positive?

My mantra of let bygones be bygones; I look for positivity anywhere. I feel if I’m hitting the negatives ones I maintain my distance.

Three goals you want to achieve by the end of this year?

  • More resourceful and independent
  • At least visit four different countries
  • Third is a secret

Advice you would want to give young girls who want to enter the entertainment industry?

I’m not quite the right person to give advice, however, generally be yourself. Every day is a new day keep learning and growing– keep tapping your back for the goods you do and milestones you achieve, no expectations from others, it will make everything easy


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