Most Played Songs in Pakistan in 2017

With the year coming to an end, YouTube takes us down memory lane with its latest ‘Rewind’ videos and playlists that depict what was the most loved in 2017. 

In Shape of 2017, we get a sneak peek at everything that went viral during the year. From popular songs like Despacito to trends like fidget spinners and salt bae memes – this has it all covered!

But, what were some of Pakistan’s most-loved music videos in the year? Have a look!

1. Zaalima

2. Pehli Dafa

3. Despacito

4. No Makeup

5. Shape of You

6. Baazi

7. Fiha

8. The Sibbi Song

9. Kaif O Suroor

10. The National Anthem of Pakistan


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