Momina Mustehsan Collaborates With Indian Singer For Her First Original Single

Momina Mustehsan has collaborated with Indian singer-composer-actor Arjun Kanungo for her latest track Aaya Na Tu.

Composed by Arjun and written by Kunaal Vermaa, the official music video shot in Bangkok, is beautifully composed and will transport you to all kinds of emotional rides.

The romantic track encapsulates and appropriately depicts all the emotions one feels as a relationship fades away; rejection, pain, disappointment and hurt that is inevitable with true love.

Speaking to the Coke Studio famed beauty, she revealed,

“Aaya Na Tu is my first single. I wanted to wait until I had earned recognition for who I was and what I stood for before I put out my first single – I did not want to be known as just a face/voice, because that’s what the narrative had essentially turned into post Afreen. I’m grateful to Universal Music Group for being understanding of that and for being patient and giving me that time until I thought I was ready. It was incredible working and sharing this song with Arjun, and I’m grateful to him for trusting me with it. It’s safe to say we all ended up making great friends with each other.”

Both singers enjoyed working with each other. Arjun added,

“It was a beautiful experience making this song and I think Momina is a gifted artist and a beautiful person. This was a very personal project for me as I am emotionally attached to this song. I think the song is my favorite of the one’s I’ve composed and I’m so happy Momina trusted me with her first single. I am overjoyed with the response.”


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