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  1. In the Foreword, written by memoirist Jowita Bydlowska, author of Drunk Mom, A Memoir, the overarching and persistent impact this shame had on David’s life after relating to his friends that he had been adopted is examined in detail. Drawing from addiction experts, such as Gabor Maté, and experts in trauma and the challenges experienced by persons who are adopted, such as Dr. Allan Schwartz, she provides a rationale for why David was so haunted by shame throughout his life, both while drinking and after he achieved recovery. As David recalls, I was always feeling less-than, and always entering life situations by adapting to them so as not to be found out and rejected. Externally, David experienced a most fortuitous childhood and adolescence, especially during the summers at the lake house his family had on Lake Beulah in Wisconsin. There he felt most at home and developed a love of sailing, being in or on the water. But here is where he also started drinking, socially at first, but slowly, imperceptibly he began to rely on drinking to drown out the shame he continued to be possessed by and always experienced.

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