Mahira Khan Reveals Her Beauty Secrets In Vogue India

Mahira Khan unveiled her latest photo shoot on her official Facebook account, in which she looked absolutely flawless in an all-natural and no-make up look. The 32-year-old also revealed her skincare routine, favourite go-to products and beauty tips she swears by.



















Here’s what we learnt:

  • Her favourite DIY mask is honey and lemon, “this concoction cleanses and moisturises your skin and gives you an amazing glow.”
  • She is obsessed with MAC Ruby Woo lipstick.
  • She loves face oils, especially almond oil.
  • Her make-up must-haves for an evening out are Bobbi Brown Pink Coral blush and Dior and YSL mascara.
  • Her all time favourite scent is Romance by Ralph Lauren.

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