The Magic of a Heroic Household Shown in Lemon Max’s Latest TVC

After the socially impactful debut of Lemon Max Dishwashing Bar’s new TVC starring Sajal Ali and Imran Abbas in which the husband (Imran Abbas) offers to wash the household dishes, a cultural dialogue was sparked about gender roles and what constitutes a household hero.

Women have habitually and culturally been expected to be the bastions of household responsibilities, including the often-gruelling chore of washing dishes.  Women thus have been posited as household heroes.

The culturally cognizant TVC questions and sheds light on the fact that a household hero does not have to be gender-specific but that the everyday housewife and her working spouse can both be heroes equally when living and working in sync with one another and most of all respecting one another’s time, efforts and true potential.

The TVC subliminally challenges stereotypical labels of who and what constitutes a hero by illustrating that unity and support are the bulwarks of a happily functioning household.


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