Kyra Chaudhry Talks to HELLO!

We asked the very famous yet the very reserved and private celebrity cosmetologist/fitness nutritionist Kyra Chaudhry a bit about her journey and her definition of being beautiful in today’s world.

On her journey:

My family was extremely supportive in me taking my time and letting me discover my wide variety of interests and finding my niche, thankfully. I took sports and fitness nutrition and realized it was half way home for me simply because it was an extension of who I was and how I was raised, so being a nutritionist came naturally to me and I excelled. As I went deeper, my passion for timeless beauty and aesthetic cosmetology picked up stronger and I realized that this was another area where I needed to be. So all said and done, I took this arena extremely seriously and this too was something I find myself extremely comfortable in as it resonated a lot with my own childhood. It’s been a case of ‘this field chose me’ more than I chose the field to be honest. Even as a young teen I was extremely keen on fitness and taking care of my skin; so were my parents, and I guess this was one of the genetic gift I got from them.

Her definition of being beautiful in today’s world:

 To me, beauty isn’t, never was and never will be, a cookie cutter definition. It’s an art. The art of being authentic to your own self while you compete with yourself to bring out your finest best. Not just in terms of looks and health, but also how you nurture your passions. It is also a reflection of how important you are to yourself. Age remains just a number to me barring the grace and the wisdom it should bring. Your skin, body, health and your weight are what you make them to be. If you discipline yourself and your life you WILL defy time to a large extent and beat the years. But then again, no matter what you do, it’s the discipline and the resilience that is key. Shortcuts can only take you so far. The end product is a combination of how you have treated and valued yourself.

We couldn’t help ourselves and asked her why she remains so private and reserved.

“Two reasons very honestly:

  1. If I make my passion into a business then invariably I will look at the lovely people who choose to come to me as money making opportunities and I will not make that choice.
  2. I am a reserved person and value every spare moment of my life with my family and myself”, she smiles as she wraps up holding her cat and asks us for a cup of tea.

For her magical work follow her on Instagram: @kyra.chdry



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