Knot the Blues

Depression is a dark time for anyone who is affected by this illness. They keep to themselves, act differently than they normally would have and do not socialize much; it just affects a person as a whole. What most people do not know: it is fortunately treatable! Yes, it does need a lot of effort and time, but slowly one will get there.

One thing which is very important but one can never come to terms is to talk! Talk about how you are; what is going in your head! Do not bottle up your feelings. Depression is considered taboo to talk about in today’s society.

Unlike other fashion brands, Edenrobe has come picked strong women who are actual depression survivors instead of the everyday typical models and actresses within the industry. They have come up with a raw campaign featuring depression survivors who fought hard and won. They all come forward to let everyone know how speaking up about depression is a whole lot helpful than just slowly suffering day by day. Every day is a challenge that needs to be faced with confidence and fearlessness! ‘Knot the Blue’ gives out a strong message showing depression survivors tying knots on their dupatta’s as a sign of courage. A message they want to portray to all the women is to knot their depressions, speak up, battle and win.


This initiative taken by the brand has received a lot of support and positive responses from all men and women through social media! The images below is from their Facebook page; everyone is appreciative and supportive of this movement done by Edenrobe.


You can even see how the society has come together to support this cause by the hashtag #KnotTheBlue on Instagram. Bloggers express themselves by posting images of tying a knot on their dupatta’s and explain how this campaign has helped them.

Watch the campaign through this link:

[video width="848" height="368" mp4=""][/video]


Depression (major depressive disorder): is a common and serious illness that negatively affects how you feel, the way you think and how you act. Depression causes feelings of sadness and/or a loss of interest in activities once enjoyed.













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