#KHAASWorldRecord: Bringing The Nation Together For The Love Of Mixed Chai

There has been a long standing debate when it comes to chai lovers and coffee addicts, but safe to assume when it comes to Pakistanis- each one of us loves our own cup of mixed chai all year-round. Other interests may come and go, but this is signature and perhaps an instilled habit or call it routine-task in our culture to enjoy that perfect cuppa!

Seeing this endless love and relationship for the hot beverage that is no ordinary rather that reflects our culture, belonging and tradition, NESTLÉ EVERYDAY has come up with an interesting campaign. A campaign that brings together the entire nation over a cup of mixed chai. Sounds heartwarming and delicious? It sure is! The renowned company is all set to prepare a #KHAASWorldRecord. The world record is no ordinary – it’s a challenge to make the World’s Largest Saucepan! Sounds exciting? Wait for it!

The best part is that they are going to be preparing mix chai in the same saucepan using the new powdered tea creamer variant called KHAAS MIX CHAI; all the votes that we are going to cast are actually part of an official Guinness World Record attempt. So yes, each vote counts!

So now you have a real chance to be a part of setting up a world record for the love of chai. With our favourite celebrities onboard such as Aiman Khan, Osman Khalid Butt, Asim Azhar , the whole country has been taken up by storm. So go ahead, join hands with these stars and cast your vote now.

My love for #KHAASChai is what made me vote for the KHAAS World Record of the biggest saucepan by @NestleEverydayPakistan! Cast your vote and express your love for Mix Chai now: http://bit.ly/2mE2lC3#ChaiLover #KHAASChai #Voted

Posted by Osman Khalid Butt on Monday, 22 January 2018

Guys, I have made @NestleEverydayPakistan’s saucepan bigger by one cup. If you love Mix Chai as much as I do, cast your vote here: https://media.2cimple.com/adcreatives/everyday2/01/index.html Let me know by sharing your ‘certificate of participation’ in the comments below. #KHAASWorldRecord #KHAASChai #ChaiLover #MixChai #Voted

Posted by Aiman Khan on Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Does this make you enthusiastic and motivated to prove your love for tea? It sure has got us to become an avid part of the challenge!

What makes us anxious is that will we collectively be able to make this record? How many votes will be casted, how many people will participate or express their love for chai. How big will the saucepan be? Will be huge? – all these thoughts collecting in our heads is making us shiver with excitement and curiosity. However, one thing is for sure, while we find out we will be sure to update you – so stay tuned and find out more on will NESTLÉ EVERYDAY be able to make this record or not. You can catch the TVC running on all leading channels and also another way to cast your vote is through missed calls (dial 90131 and you will receive a message).


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