Kamyaab Jawaan: Creating Opportunities For Freelancers And Self-Employed In Pakistan

Pakistan currently has the largest population of young people ever recorded in its history. For the very first time in Pakistan, through the platform of PM Kamyab Jawan, the government has created opportunities to open the doors of socio-economic empowerment of youth.

Meet Atif who is an expert in cleanliness and knows all the golden principles by which he can improve his work and keep the people he works with happy.

Today Atif is introducing us to his house help Asifa. Under Atif's supervision, Asifa has recently started a catering service. Let’s here out what Atif has to say about the importance of Urdu language in communicating with customers.

We squander a blessing like water very easily. Let's hear from Atif how this blessing of Allah’s can be saved.

Asifa, who works in ironing and laundry, will tell us how important it is to understand and follow the rules and principles of working in someone's home, which has earned them the trust and happiness of the family.

Shahzeb, a plumber, tells us that skills and experience have their place, but respect for the customer and understanding their needs are essential to the growth of any business.

As an experienced electrician, Bilal keeps his customers happy. For them, learning new skills in their work and having a positive attitude towards customers are important principles for moving forward.

Talented photographers Maham and Ammar talk about the vagaries of their profession: what inspires them, their learning journeys, dealing with a range of clients, and the essentials they can’t leave home. So, tune in if you are starting out on your freelancing journey, or even if you are an established professional. Lots to learn from these two!

They say the client is always right. Well, freelance writers Iram and Fatima, take this adage literally, and share the ups-and-downs of their journeys from writing matrimonial ads to learning to negotiate with reluctant clients. This video has it all.

Up-and-coming graphic designers Azka and Shahnawaz share stories that anyone who’s ever freelanced can relate to. From indecisive clients to ones reluctant to pay for their work, you'll have enough material to help you navigate your own freelancing journey.

Join web developers Usama and Muzammil, as they talk about the do’s and don’ts of client management sharing hilarious anecdotes along the way. Do listen in if you’ve ever wondered how to deal with a client who doesn’t understand the nature of your work but wants their own way!


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