Iqra Aziz And Yasir Hussain Are Officially Married

After Yasir Hussain’s bold public proposal at Lux Style Awards in Karachi to his love Iqra Aziz, the most asked question was when will they two officially tie the knot. Well, Yasir and Iqra definition bid 2019 farewell in a way they will never forget.

They’re wedding festivities started during the last week of December. From traditional events such as the menhdi, and dholki, the couple were surrounded by their near and dear ones.

Starting off with a simple henna ceremony at home, Iqra was definitely glowing and #bridegoals.


Next event was their mehndi ceremony where all the entertainment industry in K-town were present. From Sajal and Ahad to Hania and Asim. The night was full of laughs and dances.



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