Homayoun Sakhi: A Rubab Player of International Distinction Performs In Islamabad

Homayoun Sakhi is the most innovative Afghan rubab player of his generation, a brilliant virtuoso endowed with a charismatic musical presence and personality. He is a composer, vocalist, and musician born into a family steeped into musical tradition

In 1992, Homayoun and his family moved to Peshawar where his talents were recognised and he quickly became a popular entertainer, and was known for playing a mixture of ragas and songs. He performed on the radio and on many television shows, alongside of many Pakistan’s popular singers and musicians. His talent has
had him travel the globe, and his music has enamoured the hearts of many, from members of many royal families to the Dalai Lama. Homayoun’s music is one of mass to appeal to a wide range of audiences. Sakhi performed in Islamabad and Peshawar recently. His performance tour was organised by Culture Connect a company set up by Maria Usman and Shandana Khan at the helm of the organisation that aims to preserve culture, using a tool to strengthen cross-border, people-to people exchange.


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