Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Eid Souk

Ramadan is here. And Eid is coming. And so is Pakistan’s first-ever Eid Souk. Mic drop.

Woot Events presents Pakistan’s first-ever Eid Souk, in Karachi. Being held at Global Marquees from June 9 to Chand Raat, the souk is where you’d want to be with your family and friends.

From late-night mall visits, to checking out jewellery vendors, to rushing to the tailors to get the dresses stitched at the eleventh hour. And then the madness at the salon to get mehndi done on you first. Pre-Eid time is the best time.


To all the fashionistas, shopaholics, and foodies—get ready for an experience of a lifetime. And bring your children with you as there are exciting things lined up for them. An area is being professionally curated for children, to ensure they enjoy the event just as much as anybody else.

Experience the fun and frolic of visiting brightly lit markets after sunset, where you shop till you drop, while devouring a variety of delicious food—all at one place. Too much to ask for, right? Well, we think not!

Stylise your closet

From fashion brands displaying the latest designs from couture to streetwear, to exhibitors showcasing handicrafts, beauty products, handbags, shoes, wallets, jewellery, home accessories and even furniture. Ladies and gentlemen, and children, Eid Souk is all set to become the marketplace you’ve always dreamt of.

Some of the brands to watch out for include Miniso, Tali, Boheme by Kanwal, HSY, The Pink Tree Company, Threads & Motifs, Wardha Saleem, Zaheer Abbas, Pith, and even Nadia Chottani.

Get on a food adventure

There should be no place without food. Are you ready to get on a food adventure and tantalise your taste buds like never before? Take the example of a UAE-based restaurant, Truck Adda, which is coming to Pakistan for the first time, only at Eid Souk. Beat that!

You’ll also get to witness chefs work their magic to creating their culinary master pieces right in front of your eyes.

Pro tip: Keep your eyes open for celebrities!


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