HELLO! To Kindness Campaign

A new initiative that our sister magazine HELLO! Mag UK has started this week and that genuinely matches the values of respect and tolerance of our brand is the HELLO! TO KINDNESS campaign. With all the negative comments pouring on the internet, we wanted to take this opportunity to spread positivity and stop the hate!

Bullies and trolls are everywhere, be it a school playground or hiding behind a big screen kids and teenagers are always a target. But unfortunately, in today’s society it’s not just them but also celebrities we’re posting about or even other social media users and lately an unacceptable influx of negative and mean comments on almost every social media platform have been noticed and so we’ve decided to take a stand and reject intolerance and offensive remarks and attitudes.

We’ve decided it’s time to take a stand – and try to lead by example. Because it’s not alright to constantly pit women against each other. It’s not acceptable to post racist, sexist or threatening abuse on our platforms and nobody should to attack others just because they disagree with their opinion. It’s time to say goodbye to meanness and intolerance, and #HelloToKindness.

You can join our movement by sharing a kind message on your Instagram and hashtag #HelloToKindness.

Everyone matters.



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