Hello! Exclusive: Haroon Shahid Singer, Songwriter and Now Actor in Shoaib Mansoor’s Upcoming Film ‘Verna’

Half an hour with Haroon Shahid..

Artists need inspiration. Who or what is yours?
Anything creative is inspiring. Be it music, sports, or a scene in a film.

The moment you realised music and acting were your dream?
I wouldn’t say music or acting was my dream. To me, nothing is really a dream. Anything is achievable if you put your heart to it and remain committed.

What was your first project?
Can’t remember, it’s been so long.

One piece of advice you would give to aspiring artists?
Never be driven by money.

Has anyone ever told you to have a backup plan in case this line of career doesn’t work?
Yes, I get to hear it a lot from my mum and wife.

One actor and one musician you aspire to be like? Why?
It’s impossible to pick just one person. There is so much talent and good work out there.

Your feelings when you first stepped into the ‘Coke Studio’ recording studio?
Scared, yet excited about what was to unfold.

What makes you stand apart from the crowd?
Writing original content.

Favourite pastime or ongoing hobby?
Beating my opponent one on one in FIFA.

What projects are you currently working on?
Currently working on Shoaib Mansoor’s film Verna, in which I’m involved as an actor as well as a musician.

In one sentence, how do you see your future in the next five years?
I don’t think too much about the future. I prefer to live in the present.

In another lifetime, who would you want to be if not an actor/musician?
An astronaut lost in space.

Your ideal lifestyle?
Being occupied with things that I love doing without even a second to waste.

Success means…?
To remain relevant to audiences who follow and appreciate my work.


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