Zeb Bangash and Sandaraa Release Their Latest Single!

This week, Zeb Bangash and her Brooklyn-based band, Sandaraa (meaning ‘song’ in Pashto), released their latest single, Farz Karo, a beautiful track featuring the poetry of the renowned Urdu poet and writer, Ibn-e-Insha.

Having joined forces five years ago, Bangash and Michael Winograd (a clarinet maestro), along with a group of well-known Brooklyn artistes, are starting the new year with the release of tracks featuring the lyrics and poetry of celebrated Urdu poets such as Ibn-e-Insha, Majaz Lakhnawi and more.

“We looked at content that was not only modern, but also that lent itself to song beautifully,” Bangash says, “It was a challenging and an exciting process for us because for the first time we were composing tunes together and putting together original compositions. It was also a learning process because it really brought Sandaraa into a very different and exciting phase.”

Hear the song here,



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