Flirty, feminine, fashionable -Fatima Bokhari’s GIRL GANG has the perfect shoe for you


Fatima Bokhari of GIRL GANG wants every woman to find that perfect shoe! 

Just like we read about in the age old tale ‘Cinderella’ for many women finding a shoe to match an outfit can be a struggle, others have trouble finding one that fits and this is exactly what Fatima S. Bokhari had in mind when she started working on her brand GIRL GANG. This has been passion project for Fatima as she had been working on designs for the past three years and started taking orders in July 2020.   Fatima says that throughout her life she has had trouble finding shoes she liked in her size because of the lack of variety available at most local shoe stores.  The standardised shoe sizes available not just in Pakistan but around the world rarely cater to women who require smaller, narrower or even wider than usual shoes. And often if the perfect shoe exists, comfort is sacrificed for the sake of fashion! Fatima says that the challenge that she took on is to create shoes that are comfortable, stylish and versatile. The perfect shoe is one that can be worn with a variety of outfits and works with a number of different looks. As they say, the shoe completes the outfit!

Fatima revealed the philosophy behind the name of her brand and said that she knew that she needed to find a name and identity that represented women from all over the world. Her aim was to set up not just a brand but to create a Gang of sorts, a community of women who could connect to each through GIRL GANG and bond with each other over their love of shoes. Fatima chose pink as the colour for her brand and the packaging because to her, pink signifies love, bliss and strength. GIRL GANG wants all their customers to remember how much love and care goes into every single item that they produce and the pink packaging is meant to represent that. As a brand GIRL GANG looks to inspire women to reach for the stars and to realise their dreams. Fatima hopes that other women will hear the story of GIRL GANG and take that next step forward in manifesting their hopes and desires!




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