Five Last Minute Mother’s Day Activity Ideas

Too late to buy your mum a present because of long days at work or your order didn’t turn out the way you hoped for? Well don’t worry we got you covered; here are five simple yet thoughtful activity ideas for you and your loving mother to enjoy tomorrow for Mother’s Day.

  1. Get pampered. Head to the spa and get a relaxing massage to ease off all the worries and bad vibes while in a peaceful and quiet ambience. To top it off you and your mum can also get your nails done later.
  2. Too lazy to go out? Then there is nothing better than staying home, cooking up a meal together and watching your favourite TV show or movie with your mother. It would be super fun and no better way to have a closer bond. For a bonus point you could also end your scrumptious home cooked meal with a delicious dessert item. Preferably your moms favourite. 
  3. Shopping! Who doesn’t love shopping? And especially if someone else is paying! Treat your mother this Mother’s Day to a fun shopping spree to her favourite places and end the day with dinner at her preferred restaurant.
  4. Go to the beach or park and have a picnic while enjoying the stunning nature. Grab some snacks and drinks to indulge on. 
  5. Lastly, you can run to your nearest store and grab a bouquet of flowers, chocolates and a card. No matter what you gift your mother she will always appreciate it, no matter how small the gesture is. 

Happy Mother’s Day!



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