Fawad Khan Turns To Karan Johar For Advice To Pursue His Hollywood Career


Recently Famous Indian film critic and entertainment journalist Rajeev Masand previously reported that Fawad Khan is currently looking for opportunities in Hollywood.

And this is just in, according to Deccan Chronicle, the Pakistani actor is seeking Karan Johar’s advice and his inspiration seems to be Former Miss World Priyanka Chopra.

“Although Fawad was initially skeptical of the idea, Karan told Fawad the cultural stereotypes of Asians playing cab drivers and terrorists had changed after Priyanka Chopra’s Hollywood innings. That’s when Fawad got interested,” says the source. Priyanka, according to the report, will be showing Fawad around in Hollywood.

“This is all new to Fawad. He never wanted to step out of his comfort zone. He will now move ahead to explore options in the West,” says a close friend of his. And he isn’t only one from the region to consider a career in Hollywood. Deccan Chronicle also alleges that Fawad’s colleague Mahira Khan is also exploring her options in the West.

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