Fashion Trends That Will Be In and Out in 2018


With the end of the year on the horizon, now is the right time to take a step back and assess what is really going on in your closet. To help with the process, here are some trends that are in for 2018, and what needs to be retired. 

If we’ve learned anything from 2017’s unusual fashion, it’s to expect the unexpected. And even in this time of change, here are some trends that will dominate fashion in 2018.

1. Sequins and Shine.

The future seems bright and shiny. Sequins, shine and glamour will be a staple on all things casual and formal.

2. Scrunchies are in!

Another throwback accessory will be in: scrunchies!

3. Cargo pants are the new jeans.

Loose, comfortable cargo pants in camouflage, khaki, and army green have been spotted everywhere from the the runways to workplace – it’s all about the comfort!

4. Micro purse is the new fanny pack!

Our favourites, the new bags that barely carry anything! So small you can barely fit a lipstick inside, these teensy totes already have the celebrity stamp of approval!

Now let’s focus on what’s out of the window (or so we hope in 2018). Like all good things must end to make room for eve better things, here are some trends that we expect you can bid goodbye to – until next time.

1. Chokers:

Out with the chokers, in with the earrings!

2. Off the Shoulder Necklines:

Much as this shape flatters the neck and shoulders, the time has come to unglue your arms from your sides. This trend needs to take rest for a bit. Though, the single shoulder is still cool!

3. Fringe:

This was pre-Coachella 2017, but what now? We’d like to hope that it’s out for this one!

4. Name Bomber Jackets:

Nothing personal against them, but objectively—they’ve just run their course for the time being.


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