Dress Up: Scarlet Gowns Ready To Wear Collection

As summer approaches, the inevitable flurry of invitations surely means one thing: dressing to stand out from the crowd. From formal weekend evening outings to bridal showers, to black tie, it’s a sartorial minefield out there. The good news is that Scarlet by Asma Eysa offers evening gowns and dresses that are fit for every glamorous occasion. It’s a one stop shop for cinderellaesque, luxurious attire that is bound to make you feel like a dream under an affordable price tag.

The designer launched the brand with the underlying idea of making a woman look and feel effortlessly beautiful at every occasion, aiming to make a special occasion more memorable with the perfect ensemble.

The designs which are carefully selected and created for the modern woman of today boast of elegance and creativity and exude excellent and superior craftsmanship. With timeless designs, light and dark coloured hues made of finest fabrics and superlative fit, the evening dresses are infused with an elegance and flair that enhance and reveal the unique beauty of every woman.

The dresses are designed by Asma Eysa and prepared by a dressmaker based abroad. The dressed are not locally made, but prepared with keeping in mind the modern women who want their outfits to stand out, while retaining an aura of tradition and inheritance. The dresses are made in Johannesburg South Africa.

For additional information or get an appointment to visit their studio and take a look at it yourself:
Contact # : 03218233966


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