DIY Wall Paint Ideas To Brighten Up Your Room

Try these easy painting techniques to add some life to your otherwise dull walls. All you need are some household items, a can of paint and a paint roller / brush!

*Tip: Avoid lap marks by opting for single strokes!


 Sponge up your wall 

Not really into shapes or plain walls? Then why not use an unconventional way of painting? A simple sponge can do the trick! Dip the sponge in a tray of paint and sponge away.


Use a stencil 

Cut out a shape or design on a piece of large paper, tape it against the wall and paint over it. 

Let it drip!

Fill out colors of your choice in syringes and drop a blob from the top of the wall. Let the paint slide down. 

Comb it away 

Paint your wall with the color you want, take a comb and move your hand in circular or semicircular motion to paint a repeated pattern. 

Brush, brush brush!

Paint a base colour on the wall and wait for the coating to dry out. Take a lighter shade of the same color and brush the wall from top to the bottom. 



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